Another nominee for most idiotic elected official of the year. Via The High Road US
We can't have the police out there catching bad guys now, can we?

For those of you who have been wondering where the dickens I have been the last few weeks, and why I have not been posting, it is finally time to reveal the answer:

Friends and neighbors, behold, the MAN CAVE.

Yeah, still in the finishing up stages, but this will be the new home for hobbies, projects, and the occassional odd job. Amazingly, this entire project got completed in under 2 weeks, and that includes setting up, wiring, plumbing, and inspection by the local codes officers. Hopefully, this will be a asset in preparing for future needs, and certainly will be a great learning experience on setting up a new, modern home shop. I will keep you posted as things progress.

I have mentioned before I used to be the 'on call' guy for the local police and sheriff's departments for removing problem reptiles from folks houses. Oddly enough, that talent also got me one of the more interesting jobs of my younger days- after removing a tiny blacksnake from a local radio stations transmitter, I got to work the summer helping with setting up remotes and live broadcasts, and even worked for a couple of years as the overnight person on the FM station. Well, it seems that they never forgot me, and I got a frantic phone call late the other night begging me to come and coral a terrifying watercoppermossicanhead or the dreaded diamondbackrattlerhead.... and luckily this time, I was able to find and pick up the scary thing:

(click on image to enlarge)

The station owner was sure this harmless little fellow was a 'copperhead.' It isn't, obviously, or I'd not be holding it bare handed. Ok, boys and girls, here's your chance to show how smart you are: anyone who hasn't been through my snake identification class, let me hear your best guess on what we have here. I'll post the correct identification as soon as I get a correct guess, or in a few days if no one guesses correctly.

As noted in the comments section below, 'anonymous' correctly guessed our little patterned friend will soon be a large, solid black, 'black rat snake.' (Elaphe obsoleta)

Like the spots on a fawn, that give way to a solid color on an adult deer, the beautiful pattern on the baby snake will give way to a solid color as it grows into adulthood. (The timing varies greatly, depending mainly on how much food is available and other conditions related to growth.)

Also known as a blacksnake, rat snake, black racer (incorrectly) and a few other common names, this harmless fellow is the greatest mouse trap ever created by God. They will literally eat mice and small rats until they are so full they can't move properly, and will find a nice sunny rock to warm up on, and digest food, getting ready for a long winter. If you find one around your house, by all means, don't panic- just leave 'em alone and soon you won't have any mice problems, and they will wander off in search of a meal elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment or guess, and hopefully this will help you learn just a little about the many critters you find out in the woods.

Below is an adult male black rat snake I pulled out of a nice ladies garage. He was not a bit happy when this picture was taken, hence the gloves. (He was missing several inches of tail where someone had tried to kill him with a hoe, which would tend to make anyone a bit testy.)

While I am not a huge fan of the show, I have started taping it for the benefit of the lovely Mrs. Sharpshooter. It does have the elements of some seriously weird science fiction, not to mention plot twists that are nearly impossible to follow.

Figure out the code yet? I don't even understand what the code is yet.

Anyway, for those of you who follow such things, I've added a widget to help you count down to next week's season opener. A little entertainment to take minds off the depressing news we are hearing so much of in recent days.

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