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Via Time Bomb 2000:

Haiti Ham radio emergency relief nets and frequencies


For those that want to either listen in or help SATERN Is active on the following frequencies.

7.045 and 3.720 MHz (IARU Region 2 nets), 14.265..., 7.265 and 3.977 MHz (SATERN nets), 14.300 MHz (Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net).

Right now they have heard no ham radio stations out of Haiti, and nether have hams in the Dominican Republic.. but they will be working on the frequencies for a long long time.

Also the airport in Haiti has opened up for relief agencies only at this time.

I am not a ham operator (yet) but do enjoy listening to SW radio when possible. For those of you with the means to pick up these broadcasts, it's always an eye opener to hear what is going on before it is filtered through the reporting media.

Yes, I know there is a lot of serious stuff hitting the fan right now. I've got some strong thoughts on what is going on in Haiti right now, and I'm sure you do as well. But without time to step back and get away from the horrors going on in the world occassionally, we'd all go insane. So I'm hoping the lighter posts will give you that short break, for just a minute, before we get back to the serious business of trying to save what is left of  the United States of America, and the Constitution.

Ok, break is over. Back to the serious work at hand.

Nuff Said.

(Thanks to a reader who wishes to remain unnamed)

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