Ah, the autumn season is upon us, with all the seasonal fall festivals, fairs, and beautiful weather to enjoy. If you happen to be in NW North Carolina, or SW Virginia this weekend, may I highly recomend a visit to the JEB Stuart Homeplace , home of the ledgendary hero of the war between the states. Twice a year, in the fall and spring, the homeplace is turned into an accurate encampment of Union and Confederate troops, and stages realistic battles once each day. Also, you can do walking tours through the grounds, and get a look at how life was during that time. Photographs do not do things justice, but here are a couple to give you an idea of what you might see.

They don't just get a bunch of goobers to put on uniforms for the weekend, either- especially when the uniform is that of General Robert E. Lee. Each and every re-enactor (both North and South) is a documented decendant of someone who fought- and in many cases died- in that time. The person pictured above representing R.E. Lee earned that right by demonstrating his knowledge of the history of both the General and the period, and prior to the battle will do a question and answer session with the gathering crowds. Living history, indeed.

The lower photo is a field medical kit of the sort used to treat battlefield injuries and sickness. A lot of people are surprised to find out that more men died from desease than battle injuries during the war. If you have the stomach for it, they do a nighttime candle lit tour of the battlefield, with a graphic medical demonstration of 'medical care' given to the wounded. It's not for everyone.

Given the state of education in this country today, if I had kids this would be mandatory visit each year, to conteract the politically correct brainwashing that goes on in public schools now. Try it- you'll thank me later.

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